Challoch Energy is committed to protecting the privacy of those who use its website, and the confidentiality of any personal information or details submitted or provided to it by its subscribers and/or users of its website.

This document sets out Challoch Energy’s Privacy Policy (the "Policy") and the manner in which Challoch Energy collects, uses and stores personal data and information submitted to it by you.

In accessing and using Challoch Energy's website you confirm that you have read and understand this Policy, that you consent to the collection and use of your personal information and details by Challoch Energy in accordance with this Policy and that you accept Challoch Energy's Conditions of Use. If you wish at any time to withdraw your consent, please notify the Data Protection Manager of Challoch Energy at the email address set out in Section 9 of this Policy.


Any personal information or details you provide to Challoch Energy will be treated and kept in confidence and will not be provided to anyone outside Challoch Energy except to a purchaser of all or part of its business or as expressly set out in this Policy. Challoch Energy complies with relevant EU Directives and Belgian laws related to data protection.


Personal information provided by you to Challoch Energy and personal information gathered about you by Challoch Energy from your usage of the Challoch Energy website may be used by Challoch Energy in the following ways:

  • To contact you to provide you with information about both the products and services it offers from time to time;

    (If you wish to unsubscribe from receiving such information, you may do so at any time by notifying Challoch Energy through the Contact Us page set out in Section 9 of this Policy)

  • For the purpose of checking and confirming your password, if one exists. Such information may include details of your operating system, browser version, domain name and internet provider's address, and details of the website you were using in order to access Challoch Energy's website; and

  • Where you choose to order certain reports from Challoch Energy, to provide to our third party processors your name, address and payment details in order to facilitate the delivery of those reports.

Challoch Energy gathers personal information about your usage of the Challoch Energy website to enable it to prepare statistics on website usage. These statistics may be used by Challoch Energy for the following purposes:

  • To enable Challoch Energy to address issues pertaining to client satisfaction and value for money;

  • To enable Challoch Energy to provide this information to client companies for their own purposes;

  • To form management decisions regarding the future development of its website.


Challoch Energy may use cookies to store your contact details and password to allow it to identify whether you have registered to use that part of its website which you are using, and, if so, to make your access to its website quicker. Challoch Energy does not use cookies otherwise for collecting user information from its website. If you wish at any time to prevent Challoch Energy storing or accessing information held by cookies then you may switch off such access through your browser.


Challoch Energy has put in place measures to ensure the security of information it collects and stores about you, and will use its reasonable endeavours to protect your personal data from unauthorised disclosure and/or access including through the use of network and database security measures. However, it cannot guarantee the security of any data it collects and stores.


Where Challoch Energy's website provides links to other websites, it is not responsible for the data protection policies of such other websites, and you should check the privacy policies of such other websites if you have any concerns about them.


You have the right to request, in writing, access to any personal information or details which Challoch Energy holds about you. Challoch Energy shall comply with your request, in accordance with its obligations in EU Law, provided you have paid Challoch Energy the necessary access fee, if appropriate and Challoch Energy is satisfied as to your identity. If after accessing such information you believe any of the personal data or information that Challoch Energy holds about you is incorrect, please provide Challoch Energy with your correct details and information by accessing and correcting the personal data appearing on your Preferences or User Profile page of Challoch Energy's website.


Challoch Energy may have obligations under certain legislation to check the identity of users of its website and in such circumstances it may need to make enquiries and obtain information from you for that purpose. You confirm that all information you supply to Challoch Energy will be accurate and you accept and agree that Challoch Energy may pass on such information as it considers necessary to comply with any legal/reporting obligations it has or may have from time to time.


Challoch Energy may from time to time post changes to the Policy. In such instances, Challoch Energy will post such changes on this page of its website and Challoch Energy would invite you to review this Policy from time to time in order to keep abreast of any changes to it.


For further information on the Policy contact the following:
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or contact us through the Contact Us page.

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Data Protection and Privacy Policy – Version 1: September 2018